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What Is Dogging

Dogging is the slang term for the sexual act of having exhibitionist sex in a public place whilst being watched by a group of people. Places people perform dogging include parks, woods and car parks. Generally couples will perform dogging inside a car whilst voyeurs watch. Some doggers enjoy these strangers joining in the sex or watching them masturbate themselves as they watch the couple have sex or perform oral sex acts. Swingers and pikers may also be involved in dogging. Swingers may like the idea of putting on a public show to spice up their sex life. People like dogging because it seems fun and has an added element of danger and risk.

How Did Dogging Get Its Name

There are several theories on how the word dogging got its name:

Dogging someone means to follow and watch someone, like a detective. Doggers will follow the instructions of the dogger setting up the meet and watch him or her perform.

People who like to perform sex outdoors and who like to have strangers watch them are behaving like dogs.

Another theory of how dogging got its name is that men would buy a dog and take it for a walk as a pretence to watch people have sex in cars or in the park at night. The dog would also provide an alibi if caught.

Poodling is the slang term for dogging in luxury cars.

The Origins Of Dogging Sex

Dogging sex is thought to have originated in the UK though the popularity of dogging has seen it spread to the USA, Canada and other countries. It has been going on for decades but has risen in popularity in the nineties and thereafter.

How To Find Out About Dogging Places In Your Area

Dogging has become more popular throughout Scotland, England and Wales and indeed other countries due to technological advances such as mobile phone, text messaging and the internet. This ease of communication means that doggers can quickly and discretely contact each other and post details of dogging events and dogging meetings.

There are various dogging websites where you can search for dogging locations in your local area.

Dogging forums and dogging chat rooms are available on the net for open discussion and to arrange dogging meets.

Sex in the UK, Click Here!Sex in the UK, Click Here!

What Sort Of People Go Dogging

Exhibitionists and thrill seekers are commonly attracted to dogging. Most see dogging as a sexual hobby which can be enjoyed with their regular partner or as a way to find new partners. Single people may go dogging to watch live sex or to join in. Some doggers leave their car doors unlocked so that others can join in or leave the window unwound to encourage fondling and masturbation.

Risks and Dangers of Dogging

By going dogging, even as a watcher, you are entering a strange place, with strangers who are out for sex in an isolated area. There are many risks and dangers involved with dogging:

Doggers have had items like handbags, phones or wallets stolen from their car or pockets whilst they have been in the throes of passion. If you decide to have sex outside the car do keep the keys on you or in your hand to prevent theft of the vehicle.

There is the danger of assault or sexual assault.

Those who do not use protection like condoms run the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) like HIV which leads to AIDS, Chlamydia, syphilis, gonorrhoea, herpes, hepatitis, etc.

Strangers may film your sexual performance or take photographs with their digital camera. These can end up on any public website or made into a DVD for distribution.

People have been slipped date rape drugs and have no recollection of events or what has happened to them.

Some doggers who have gone with their regular partner and did not want to have sex with strangers but liked the thrill of being watched having sex have had their car broken into a been raped by members of the crowd.

Prostitutes have been known to find out about and frequent dogging events to tout for business amongst the dogging observers who have been so aroused and be tempted to pay for sex.

Drug dealers also try and find out about dogging events to sell their drugs to the watchers.

Lesbian and homosexual people also go dogging, it is not just a sex sport for heterosexual people. If you do not want to take part in gay sex say so and leave. Some people enjoy experimenting with same sex partners at dogging events.

There is the risk of being arrested by the police for having sex in public or performing acts of lewdness or being prosecuted using laws of indecent exposure. Though observers of dogging are consenting adults who are unlikely to make a complaint that leads to arrest or conviction, having public sex runs the risk of being seen by someone under the age of consent or an unwilling witness. This could lead to prosecution. Commonly frequented dogging places are usually patrolled frequently by local police in an attempt to stop dogging. Dogging will upset local people who find dogging immoral or vulgar, especially those with children who will not want them to accidentally see people having sex in their neighbourhood. An increase in traffic and noise will attract local attention and reports to the police.

Dogging Safety Tips

Practice safe sex and use condoms for sexual intercourse and flavoured condoms for oral sex. Glow in the dark condoms and illuminating condoms will add more fun and give spectators a better view. Some doggers and those who like to watch dogging find contraceptives reduce the thrill, especially for oral sex and being able to see cum on the face of the woman or man performing oral sex. If you are practicing oral sex on your regular partner, the car doors are locked and you are doing dogging for an exhibitionist thrill then risks of catching STDs are reduced if you know the sexual history of your partner and do not involve anyone else. If it is a stranger then do insist on the use of condoms.

Dental dams will give protection when giving oral sex to a woman and latex gloves can provide protection when fingering a woman.

If someone does something you do not like then tell him or her - stay in control.

Couples should agree to their limits before going dogging and have a safety word that can be said to signal any discomfort or the desire to leave the area.

Take some lubrication to ensure comfort.

Do not give out any personal information like your real name, telephone number, home address, where you work, etc. Be like a swinger and use an alias swinging name - add some fun by making it exotic sounding.

Try and avoid going to really isolated areas where you may not be able to easily get away from or summon help if things go wrong. Check the meeting place in daylight if you can and work out easy exits to get away quickly if you can.

A lone female going dogging should try and bring a male friend who will look after her safety.

When leaving the dogging area take a long route home and observe for anyone following you. Perhaps stop off at a fast food outlet to see if anyone has followed you into the car park.

Think carefully before agreeing to meet someone you met at a dogging event on your own.

Etiquette Of Going Dogging

There are no set rules for going dogging but general etiquette of dogging may include:

Turning up on time at the set time and place.

Not trying to enter a locked car - just enjoy the free sex show.

Use condoms and lubrication for safe comfortable sex.

Have a bath or shower before attending the dogging session.

Rolled down windows may be an indication that you can fondle the people having sex, open doors may be an invitation to join in.

The indication to come and watch dogging is when the car lights flash or the inside light is turned on and kept on.

If someone asks you to move away or stop doing something then respect their requests - otherwise this can be an assault.

Dogger watchers tend not to shout or heckle. They just quietly enjoy the live sex action.

Keep the neighbourhood clean and take away used condoms, wet wipes, tissues, lubricant tubes and their wrappers. Donít forget to pick up your undies!

Dogging Without A Car

Not all dogging action takes place in a car. Many couples like to perform sex publicly in the open, using a rug and pillows for comfort, some even bring an inflatable mattress. Others may enjoy the thrill, if uncomfortable, of having sex against a tree, on the bonnet of the car or leaning over the car in a doggy style position.

Some doggers take their car but prefer the freedom of movement outside the car which gives more room for spectators to join in. Torches and lamps should be brought for darker nights.

Dogging Sex Positions

If you use go dogging in the open air, outside your car then you are only limited by your imagination and comfort - remember your blankets, blow up mattress and pillows.

Sex In The Car Positions

If you prefer the safety of your car for dogging then here are some sex in the car positions. Sex in the car can be restrictive and can lead to bumped heads and knees. Hopefully these car sex positions can help you reduce injuries and accidents and be careful of the windows and windscreens. Legs can be stuck out open windows if you feel safe enough to have vulnerable limbs exposed to watching strangers.

Missionary Position

The missionary position can be performed in either of the front or back seats, though as with all these sex positions the back seat will give you more room and comfort. Depending on the size of the car the woman can raise her knees and place her feet on the dashboard. Recline the seat as far back as possible to give each other more room.


The man sits on the passenger seat and reclines the seat and pushes the seat as far back as possible. The woman then sits on him and rides him. This is a nice position for women who like to stay in control and gives partners more leg room. Care should be taken by the female not to knock the handbrake. Leg room at the front, particularly in the driverís side, can be limited and it can be difficult to get across the gears though some women perform tricks with the gear stick! Some ladies prefer to get out of the car and go back in to the vehicle to get into position. This does mean leaving the safety of the car and having to move around a group of sexually excited strangers.

Oral Sex Dogging Position

The classic oral sex position in the car is the man in one of the front seats whilst the woman leans over to blow him off. Some women like the thrill of performing oral sex whilst the man is driving but this rather dangerously distracts him and could lead to an accident.

The back seat gives dogging partners more room to perform oral sex on each other and to perform classic 69, ie oral sex to each other at the same time. In this car sexual position it is best for the lady to be lying on her back with her legs spread whilst the man goes over her on all fours.

If the couple trust their fellow doggers enough to get out of the car then the man can sit on the passenger seat whilst the woman gets out of the car and squats down outside in front of him to give him a blow job. Men love this dominating and submissive position.

Back Seat Sex Positions

The woman lies on her back with knees bent or spread out with her feet resting against the side window or one draped over the front seat and one over the back seat. The man kneels down to penetrate her whilst holding her hips. If the women thrusts upwards deeper penetration will occur and either partner can reach to stimulate her clitoris.

Alternatively the man can lie down and the woman straddle him - this is nicknamed the cowgirl position. To avoid bumping her head on the car roof the woman should lean forward. By getting into this angle the woman should be able to get into a position where her clitoris is stimulated or her G-spot is reached.

The man can also sit on the back seats and spread his legs wide enough for the woman to sit on him whilst facing forward. The woman can use the front seats for support as she makes love to him. This is nicknamed the reverse buckaroo. The woman can also face the man to straddle him though deeper penetration is not given in this position by does allow for more intimacy.

Sex On The Car Positions

More adventurous doggers or those who trust or know some or all of the observers may prefer to leave the safety of the car and have sex on the front bonnet or against the car. The feeling of fresh air against sexual organs can be a pleasurable experience. Below are described some sex on the car positions. The woman or man is going to be laid against a cold metal bonnet. So start the car to warm the engine which will warm the metal of the bonnet, but take care it does not get too hot and burn:

Classic Sex On The Car Bonnet Position

The most popular sexual position on a car bonnet is for the woman to sit on the bonnet, perhaps using the front bumper area to rest her legs until the man gets into position. The man keeps both feet on the ground and penetrates the woman. She can then wrap her legs around his waist which gives her control of his thrusting.

Woman Lying On The Car Bonnet Sex Position

The woman can lie fully on her back over the car bonnet and even as far up as the front windscreen. The man stands in front of her to penetrate her. He then lifts her legs in the air. Some women like to rest their heels against a partners shoulders. Women can wiggle their pelvis to get clitoral and G-spot stimulation. This position gives deeper penetration and is nicknamed The Bridge.

The Wheelbarrow Sex Position

The wheelbarrow sex position is quite athletic and needs upper body strength for the man and woman. The woman leans across the bonnet and the man picks up her legs by just above the ankles, spreads them and enters her. As he thrusts into her from behind he needs to keep holding her legs up so that she does not suffer back pain. The man can wrap her lower legs around the manís waist for extra support and comfort. This dogging sex position gives the male sexual partner and the observers a great view of the womanís rear and she should get better G spot stimulation.

Kneeling On The Car Sex Position

This car sex position is a bit hard on the knees but does give a good dogging show for the spectators. It is nicknamed over the top because both partners kneel on the bonnet and the woman is kneeling and on all fours over the bonnet and windscreen. The man enters her from behind in a doggy style sexual position.

Man In The Front Seats Woman In The Back Sex Positions

A fun and exciting sexual position is for the man to sit astride in front of the gearstick - or against it if he likes anal stimulation - and place one knee on each front seat. The woman, or women if heĎs lucky, in the back seat can then sit in the back seat and give him a blow job or get down on all fours for penetrative sex from behind. This car sex position is nicknamed the car seat glory hole.
The woman can go into the front seats but face the front of the car and lean forward whilst the man gives her oral sex from behind, sitting on the back floor or penetrates her from the back seats.

Dogging Sex Toys

Many couples like to use a variety of sex toys at home and some take these along to dogging events to get more sexual pleasure and to put on a show. Spectators will love to watch a woman pleasure herself with her rabbit vibrator and watch her orgasm. Even if fellow doggers donít want to see you use sex toys they will want to watch the results! Glow in the dark vibrators and sex toys add some fun to the dogging evening and give spectators a better view.

Dogging couples who do not want to involve another person but want to put on a show can use a vibrator to stimulate a threesome. So the woman can be stimulated whilst giving the man a blow job. Or she can stimulate herself whilst he takes a rest, recovers an erection or sits back to watch the show.
Our tip for dogging sex toys is to buy those that plug into the car battery via the cigarette lighter so they stay powered up for longer or take lots of batteries. Other dogging tips are to take wet wipes to clean sex toys between uses. Or why not slip on some love eggs or a remote controlled vibrator to get stimulated on the drive to the dogging location.

Lesbian Doggers

Lesbians do go dogging and as well as performing oral sex and fingering each other they can put on a show for spectators by using strap on toys so that they can penetrate each other and simulate heterosexual sex for their own pleasure and the enjoyment of the watchers.

Other Dogging Terms Word and Phrases


Ducking is the slang word for public open air sex on a boat or out in the water on any craft.


This is someone who likes to watch doggers or people having sex in their car or out in the open. Pikers will usually be hidden and couples not know they are there. They are the men hidden in the bushes.


Carping is the slang phrase for the act of someone who is piking and phones a friend to tell them what is happening. A variation of carping is when the piker phones the dogger to hear better the sex action. Some doggers will place a piece of paper or cardboard with their mobile phone number or numbers on for the pikers to ring. When the phone rings they simply press a button to answer the phone and leave the line or lines open for the pikers to get extra gratification. This enhances the sexual pleasure of the doggers knowing that people can hear their every word, moan and movement much better than through a muffled car with steaming windows.
Online carpers will answer the phone whilst performing on a webcam for specialist websites.

Pros and Cons of Dogging

Dogging is a risky sexual act and couples who engage in dogging and outdoor sex should openly discuss the pros and cons of dogging before they engage in the act. They should take every step to ensure their safety and agree to what sex acts they will publicly perform or allow strangers to perform with them. There are many disadvantages to dogging and couples should consider these before thinking of the advantages to dogging.

Dogging Sex Websites

We shall give a list of dogging websites soon. If you run a worldwide or UK dogging website and would like listed on chooseasextoy then please place a link to our website on your site and Contact Us with your url and site description.

Photos of Dogging

The following websites have free photos of dogging couples and doggers in action. Each dogging picture is sexually explicit and those visiting the dogging pictures must be aged over 18 years:

Dogging Video

If you would rather watch a live action dogging video rather than a dogging photo then the UK dogging sites below can provide this for those aged over 18 years. To view a free dogging video visit

More Sex Terms Explained

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