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Snowballing Sex Term

Description of the sexual act snowballing, an explanation of why people like to sex snowball and the risks involved:

What Is Snowballing

Snowballing has nothing to do with snow or throwing snowballs. Snowballing is slang for the sexual act of a man or woman performing fellatio (oral sex) on a man until he orgasms. Rather than swallow the semen the person will then kiss the man and insert his cum into his mouth by either spitting or French kissing. The couple will pass this love fluid and spit back and forth to each other and the fluid volume will increase, ie it will snow ball.

Snow balling can be performed by heterosexual partners and homosexual partners.

Why Do People Like To Cum Snowball

Men can see this as a submissive role and enjoy being dominated. Their women or male partners may like the feeling of dominance.

Some may like the taste of semen and others get a tingling feeling when they kiss with semen passing between them.

Ejaculating into someoneís mouth and sharing semen can be an intimate and bonding experience.

Risks Involved In Cum Snowballing

Semen can transmit sexually transmitted diseases (STDís) such as herpes, gonorrhoea, syphilis, HIV (which leads to AIDS) and hepatitis. Snowballing is a high risk sexual activity. There is no way to perform snowballing using safe sex practices other than to avoid this high risk sexual activity if you are unsure of your sexual partnerís health and sexual history.

The Other Names For Snowballing

The vulgar name for snowballing, usually used in the pornographic industry is cum swap.

Snowballing can be an enjoyable sexual act between consenting adults - do make sure you discuss if you wish to perform a snowball kiss to avoid any surprises and embarrassment.

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