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Oral Sex Positions

Information of over nine oral sex positions to make getting a blow job more exciting and fun with advantages and disadvantages of each oral sex position:

In our first oral sex article we gave an overview of oral sex with tips to improve oral sex, why women may not like giving oral sex and how you can improve their experience using various techniques and equipment. We will now continue this series of oral sex articles by discussing the various oral sex positions to try when giving a man fellatio. Different people will like these different oral sex positions and some may prefer them for giving oral sex and others for receiving oral sex. Find those that each sexual partner enjoys and have fun!

Oral Sex On The Back Position

This is one of the most common positions for oral sex. The man lies on his back whilst the woman kneels down next to him, or lies beside him to give him head. It is most comfortable for the man who likes to lie back and enjoy having his cock sucked. If he lifts his head, or props it up comfortably on some pillows or cushions he can have the added stimulus of watching his girlfriend or wife sucking his cock. She in turn can look up to him and make eye contact, a big turn on for men. It is relatively comfortable for the woman, especially if the mattress or sofa is soft and comfy. If you are making love on a rug or carpet she can place a cushion or pillow under her knees for support and comfort. If the woman gets comfortable she is more likely to give a longer or full blow job. An advantage of this oral sex position is that if the man does come whilst in this oral sex position she has the option of moving quickly away just as he ejaculates to avoid having semen come into her mouth. She can masturbate him to orgasm, or kiss, lick and suck his frenulum, the v shaped join between the head of the penis and the foreskin. This is a really sensitive part of his cock.

A disadvantage of this oral sex position is that it is not as sensitive throughout the penis as some of the oral sex positions listed below. Other advantages of the oral sex on the back position is that it is suitable for disabled people and the male partner can stimulate the female if she lies down by his side to suck him off, lying at opposite ends. He should be able to comfortably reach down to finger her clitoris or vagina, fondle her breasts or give her a relaxing back or leg rub. Alternatively he can use a vibrator to stimulate and further arouse her.

Woman Kneeling Down To Give Oral Sex

Men love receiving oral sex whilst standing up, or sitting on the edge of a chair or bed, whilst the woman kneels down in front of him to suck him off. It is a classic pornographic movie position and gives the man a sense of dominance over his woman. He can control her head, stroke and feel her hair and neck and as he comes can grasp her neck to make sure she doesn't move at the height of his climax. The nickname of this oral sex position is penis worship. Ladies do use a cushion or pillow underneath your knees for support and comfort.

Some women love this sense of being dominated, others feel used and do not enjoy it. They feel uncomfortable with the man rocking their head back and forth and feel less in control. A woman who does not like to have a man's penis come in her mouth, or does not like being forced to swallow his semen will probably not enjoy this position. Some women hate this oral sex position because they hate having their head held down or their hair tugged as their man gets excited and forgets what he is doing, being lost in the moment. For woman who do not like to swallow come then as the man is about to climax she can withdraw his penis from her mouth and move it to her breasts and rub his dick between her tits until he comes over them - many a male fantasy - again from watching too many porn films! Of course the woman will have to trust her man in this position to let her know when to stop sucking and move to tit rubbing (or to give it its vulgar term tit wank) because she is completely within his control. To make the tit rubbing more comfortable she should use an oral sex lubricant which will make his penis moist for oral sex and lubricated to use straight away during the cleavage rubbing. By pressing her breasts together and moving them up and down and around she will heighten his pleasure and he will enjoy this climax just as much as coming in her mouth. The act of coming over her breasts is known in slang terms as a pearl necklace because the come lies around the woman's neck line. Many men find this highly erotic.

69 Oral Sex Position

The man and woman give each other oral sex stimulation at the same time. This one is for the more fit and active sexual partners! This is where the sixty nine or getting a sixty niner slang phrase comes from. There are variations of the 69 oral sex position so we will call this one the classic 69. In this oral sex position the man will lie on his back with a pillow propping his neck up and offering support. His wife or girlfriend will sit or lie over his face so that he can give her cunnilingious (female oral sex). She in turn will lean over to suck on his dick. The man can also finger her vagina or use a vibrator whilst she may like to stroke his perineum or use the anal toys discussed on the previous page. An advantage of this sexual position is that because the female is getting clitoris stimulation she is more likely to come, so achieving orgasm together is more likely. The problem the woman faces is that she will have to have his come in her mouth and have to decide whether to spit or swallow. Though some couples like to snowball which is where they kiss straight after oral sex and exchange each others body fluids again. Snowballing should be discussed beforehand because whilst some men will be happy for their lover to taste and swallow their love fluid they might not want to taste their own.

The 69 oral sex position can be difficult for those who like to enjoy the stimulation of getting oral sex and may find their concentration lapses to giving oral sex back. Males may worry that a woman orgasming whilst sucking their cock may bite on it though the screams and moans of pleasure will heighten their enjoyment as it causes vibrations throughout the penis and balls. Coming together in this position is a wonderful experience.

Deep Throat Oral Sex Position

Since the 1972 film DeepThroat starring Linda Lovelace who had a clitoris in her throat and got stimulated by swallowing cock as far down as she could, men find it sexy if a woman takes all of his cock into her mouth and sucks away. They probably loved it long before this film but it helped popularise this form of oral sex. The success to deep throating is in the technique and the position the woman lies in to reduce gagging. His cock is going to rub or may bang against the back of her throat where there is a natural defence of a gag reflex. To reduce this lie on your back on a bed with your head over the edge. This might make you a bit dizzy but it does open up the throat passage. The man should stand or kneel over the woman and place his penis into her mouth. The woman can now give him deep throat oral sex.

Missionary Oral Sex Position

The woman lies on her back in the missionary position whilst the man sits astride her and supports his weight through his hands. He places his cock into her mouth and oral sex begins. Some women dislike this position because she has no control and stimulation depends on his thrust. This can be overcome by holding the base of his penis and masturbating as he thrusts. He still gets the stimulation and the woman has more control of his penis in the missionary oral sex position. If the woman does not want him to come in her mouth she should ask him to withdraw just before he comes and rub his dick on her tits and between her cleavage. She can help by pushing her breasts together so that he gets more stimulated. He can then come between her tits to make a pearl necklace as discussed above.

Right Angle Oral Sex Position

This is a bit like the fist oral sex position described above but the lady lies at right angles so that she can stimulate his nipples and caress his chest and abdomen. The right angle oral sex position gives men a great view of the woman's naked body and what she is doing with her mouth and his cock.

The Upside Down 69 Oral Sex Position

This oral sex position is much like the classic sixty-niner but the woman lies on her back and the man straddles her. The disadvantage of the upside down 69 oral sex position is that the man does all the thrusting into her mouth and some women may not like this. The advantage though, which most men love, is that he can do some tea-bagging (slang term for having his balls sucked). Men who like to tea-bag should shave their ballocks to make it more pleasant for the woman. It will also heighten the sensitivity around the testicles. Woman can pleasure their men anally quite easily in this oral sex position.

Side Ways Oral Sex Position

The side way oral sex position involves partners lying facing each others genitals. This position can be sore for the woman who will need to lift her leg so that her boyfriend or boyfriend can lick her clitoris and vagina so she may wish to rest her foot on the headboard of the bed.

Triangle Oral Sex Position

As the name suggest the triangle oral sex position involves the couple forming a triangle by the man sitting up straight and placing his legs out to his front. His wife or girlfriend then stands over him with her bottom to his face. She then leans over to suck his cock. Men love the view which exposes the female sex organs so that he can kiss, lick and suck. The major disadvantage of this is that you both need to be flexible, athletic and strong - but it is great fun and resembles an intimate and adult version of the twister game!

Images and photographs of these oral sex positions will be uploaded soon to help you identify with each oral sex position. Each photo will be placed beside each position.

Whichever oral sex positions you choose do have fun and enjoy each others company and body. If you have not already done so why not read the first page which has blow job tips and advice.

Cunnilingus Techniques.

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