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Nipple Clamps

Description of nipple clamps, how nipple clamps work, how to use nipple clamps safely, the types of nipple clamps, the risks of using nipple clamps and where to buy nipple clamps:

Nipple Clamps

View the range of Nipple Clamps.

Nipples are a highly sensitive area and are one of the body’s many erogenous zones. Nipples are a body part that can be teased and stimulated in a man or woman to arouse him or her or to enhance sexual stimulation during foreplay or intercourse from a squeeze, tweak, kiss, lick, bite, suck, tug or from a combination of actions. Some men and women find they reach orgasm quicker or better with nipple stimulation.

Why People Use Nipple Clamps

A Nipple clamp can simulate a person playing with, sucking or biting nipples. Nipple clamps can be used by men and women, though men's nipples are usually smaller and so they will need a smaller nipple clamp. They are popular amongst people who enjoy bondage as part of their love making or sexual foreplay. Adjustable nipple clamps can heighten pleasure and can be tweaked as the man or woman reaches sexual peak or orgasm. Some people like to use adjustable nipple clamps and nipple chains during masturbation to increase their self pleasure or simulate someone being with them. Buy Nipple Clamps with Chain or view a photo of nipple clamps with a chain.

Nipple clamps can also form a part of nipple jewellery for example nipple tassels, beaded nipple clamps, nipple shield, nipple balls, nipple chain or gold nipple clamps. The pierce free nipple shield is an example of nipple jewellery and can perk up a wearers nipple which gets really noticed! Some people find them so comfortable they wear them when out and about and enjoy this thrill and the attention it brings them!

Lads need not feel left out because they can wear the pierce free Wow Bull Rings without having to have their nipples pierced. They look great under a t-shirt and will stimulate them and get them noticed.

Breast jewellery can also be stimulating nipple toys such as a nipple chain which can be gently pulled during foreplay or intercourse by the male or female. Colours can vary to match the mood or fashion sense of the person using them. For example lilac or pink make a fun and popular colour and black nipple clamps are commonly used by people who enjoy bondage.
Nipple Tassels are great fun and can be purchased with chain ends, with feathers or crystals in a variety of colours such as red, silver or purple. Buy Nipple Tassels or view a photo of nipple tassels.

Nipple clamps can be enjoyed in a lesbian or a heterosexual relationship.

How Do Nipple Clamps Work

Nipple clamps work by applying different levels of pressure to each nipple and breast area. The user of nipple clamps has to find the right balance between teasing, tweaking, squeezing or giving pleasure and pain by exerting the right amount of pleasure. Some clamps are adjustable others vibrate whilst others work like a breast vice clamp. Nipple clamps are usually used in pairs, rather than being applied to just one nipple.

As each nipple clamp reduces blood flow so the nerve endings become more sensitive.

Nipple clamps are made from different materials to suit different tactile and sensory tastes such as rubber, metal, steel or chain linked.

Some nipple clamps have weights attached to increase the users pleasure of pain and discomfort. Home made weights can be used by some people from fishing line sinkers.

In the case of nipple to labia or clitoris chain nipple clamps they stimulate the nipples and labia area simultaneously as does a nipple clit clamp. People who like pain during intercourse or foreplay enjoy using weighted nipple clamps. Such male nipple clamps can include a cock or ball ring or clamp. These are known as Y clamps, Y nipple clamps or Y body clamps because of the Y shape they form when applied to the body.

As with any sex toy or sexual activity do try and create an all over body experience, ie caress and massage other parts of the body rather than just concentrating on the nipples. An orgasm will be more intense and pleasurable if aroused from various parts of the body or other sex toys are used.

Risks Of Using Nipple Clamps

During the application of pressure of using nipple clamps or breast clamps the blood circulation to the nipples and breast area is reduced or stopped. This can cause the area to become numb and blood flow to cease. Prolonged use of nipple clamps can deaden the tissue to the nipple and breast area because of this restriction of blood flow to an erect nipple. On no account should you go to sleep wearing a nipple clamp or a breast clamp.

Safety Instructions When Using Nipple Clamps

Do please use specially made nipple clamps, rather than improvised or home-made clamps. Please always follow the manufacturers safety instructions. Talk with your partner and agree to a code word to release the nipple clamps or talk about the levels of tension and acceptable pain levels when using the nipple clamps. When using nipple clamps for the first few times just apply the smallest amount of tension until you get used to the feel of them. Perhaps just wear them for a few times to get used to wearing them before using nipple clamps. Gradually turn the tension until you find a stimulating level and you know, or your partner knows the degree of tension or pressure to apply.

The best way to apply a nipple clamp is near the tip of the nipple, rather than on top of it. This should be more comfortable and result in greater pleasure.

Women's breasts and nipples are far more sensitive just before menstruation and during their period so will need less tension applied to a nipple clamp when used during these times.

Do rub and caress nipples and breast before and after applying or removing nipple clamps to aid comfort.

Release the nipple clamps if undue pain is felt.

Do not keep a nipple clamp on for any longer than a few minutes because it is stopping or restricting blood flow to the nipple depending on how much pressure has been applied. Most people get a higher degree of sensitivity and sexual arousal when nipple clamps are released and blood flow increases or returns to the nipples and breast. So don't concentrate too much on keeping them on for a long time - have more fun releasing them and re-applying nipple clamps.

Nipple clamps will remain on a dry nipple far better than a wet nipple.

Types Of Nipple Clamps

There are three types of nipple clamps:

Tweezer Nipple Clamp

A tweezer nipple clamp are generally two short lengths of metal of about 5 to 10 cm length. The ends of tweezer nipple clamps are curved slightly. This shape helps to improve their ability to grip or grasp the nipple. To aid the comfort of the user and to help protect the nipple from damage a tweezer nipple clamp will have a small rubber sheath over the metal end. Tension to the tweezer nipple clamp is applied by a small ring which wraps around the two pieces of metal. The metal head is usually placed by the nipple, onto the breast then the ring is slide along the clamp shaft towards the nipple to tighten each tweezer nipple clamp. So the closer the ring gets to the nipple the tighter the tweezer nipple clamp becomes. Adjusting the tweezer nipple clamp should give the user enough control to provide a tease or a more painful but pleasurable experience.

Clover Nipple Clamp

The clover nipple clamp is also called the Butterfly Clamp and originates from Japan. The name of this type of nipple clamp comes from the look and shape of the clamp. A typical clover nipple clamp is flat in appearance and ranges in size from 5 to 10cm. Clamps are applied to each nipple and a spring applies tension and holds the nipple clamp in place. Pleasure is gained when tension is applied when the clover nipple clamp is pulled on. The clover nipple clamp can provide a great deal of pain for the user and is usually used only by those who enjoy pain or have a great deal of experience of using nipple clamps. Weights can be added to the end of each clamp to increase the pleasurable pain of the user by adding extra tension as the weight pulls against the springs. Others may use the clover nipple clamp during bondage play to tie the person against or to an object. The person would have to stay in place otherwise pulling against the clamp and tie would cause enormous pain, though some people may enjoy this, especially at the point of orgasm. Buy Nipple Clamps without Chains or view photographs of nipple clamps.

Nipple Suckers

Nipple Suckers are slightly different to nipple clamps but work on the same principle of applied pressure to stimulate sucking of the nipples. Air is expelled as the bulb is pushed in and a vacuum is formed that draws out and sucks your nipple to great effect.

Squeezable Nipple Clamps

Squeezable nipple clamps are great fun to enjoy with another person because they give nipples just the right amount of squeeze to act as a tease or can be controlled to be a bit firmer. During foreplay or sex a partner can give the clamps an unexpected squeeze for a tight nipple surprise. If they have a rope loop then small weights can be added for extra pleasure. Buy Nipple Clamps with Pressure Controls or view an image of these nipple clamps.

Homemade Nipple Clamps

Homemade nipple clamps or improvised nipple clamps are made by some using wooden or plastic clothes pegs, clothes pins, metal clamps with rubber coated tips and other household objects. Do please follow common sense and the safety instructions above when using home made nipple clamps and improvising when using household objects. We have never used home-made nipple clamps. Buying special nipple clamps can be more exciting and add anticipation and a sense of excitement when used.

Nipple Suction Pump

Nipple suction pumps are a bit old fashioned now, though still enjoyed by many men and women. A nipple suction pump forms a seal around a breast and pumps the nipple and breast. They are getting smaller now and don't all look like a large wide bicycle pump! Some couples do find them cumbersome and find they lack a sense of intimacy.

Vibrating Nipple Clamps and Teasers

Vibrating nipple clamps and vibrating nipple teasers are great fun and add extra sensation to the man or woman using them and even vibrate against the partner. These can be enjoyed without any pressure being applied to the nipples so can be enjoyed by people who like their nipples to be stimulated without pain.

Male Nipple Clamp

Men have smaller nipples than most women so will need to purchase male nippleclamps to aid their enjoyment. They may find female nipple clamps uncomfortable or may not stay on their nipples.

Some men like to have nipple clamps placed on their nips though other sensitive parts of the male body can be the inner thighs and the loose bit of skin under his testicles.

Buy Nipple Clamps

Buy Nipple Clamps.

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