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Frottage Sex

Description of frottage sex and how it is performed with advantages and disadvantages of frotting and tips to make frottage sex more enjoyable:

What Is Frottage

Frottage sex is the consensual rubbing of genitals against another persons body or genital organs for sexual arousal or to orgasm. Frottage sex can be performed whilst dressed or naked, during foreplay or as an alternative to full penetrative sexual intercourse.

Other Names for Frottage

Other names for frottage sex are mutual genital rubbing, genito-genital rubbing (the abbreviation GG is used) and tribadism, though tribadism is more commonly used for females rubbing against females clitorises and vulval areas. Read more about this sex act on the Tribbing page and read about male to male genital rubbing on the frot page.

More vulgar or slang names for frottage sex are dry humping and dry fucking because no body fluids are exchanged. Though the man will leave pre-cum and semen on his partnerís body and the woman will leave vaginal fluids. Though the risks of sexually transmitted diseases are much reduced because the sex fluids are not making contact with internal tissues and membranes. There is more about this further below this frottage sex article.

Frictation is a term for frottage sex because of the friction used for stimulation.

How Did Frottage Get Its Name

Frottage got its name from the French verb frotter which means to rub. Frottage sex is all about rubbing for sexual pleasure, rather than the grinding action associated with tribadism.
Where Frottage Takes Place

Frottage sex can take place in most parts of the body, especially the softer more pleasurable parts of a partners body such as the thigh or bottom.

Why People Like To Do Frottage

Frottage can be a form of safe sex without having to use a condom because little body fluids are exchanges and semen can be wiped off the body without direct contact.

Frottage sex feels pleasurable and women can direct where they rub their clitoris and achieve orgasm without penetration. Frottage can be used during foreplay prior to penetrative sex.

Men gain sensory pleasure from frottage sex from stimulation of the highly sensitive frenulum nerve bundle found just under the glans of the penis. Men also enjoy the sensory pleasure from seeing their semen on their partnerís body. Some partnerís like to lick the semen off their bodies or play around and rub in the semen. Some men like to lick off their own semen, enjoying the taste and smell of their semen combined with the body tastes and smells of their partner.

Types of Frottage

In addition to rubbing a penis or vaginal area on different parts of the body like the breasts, feet, abdomen or buttocks mutual frottage types are:

Penis to vulva rubbing between a man and a woman without penetrative sex.

Penis to penis rubbing between two or more males. This is called frot.

Tribadism has already been mentioned and is the vulval to vulval rubbing enjoyed by two females. Lesbians use this to having closer contact and simulate sex action to reach orgasm without using toys.

Non Mutual Frottage

Non mutual frottage sex between consenting adults includes:

Mammary Intercourse - rubbing the sexual organs on the breast or between the breasts. The slang term for mammary intercourse is a tit wank.

Axiliary Intercourse - Rubbing the penis between the armpit and arm. The slang tem for axiliary intercourse is bag piping because it resembles the action a bagpiper would make.

Intercrural Intercourse - rubbing the penis between a partnerís thigh either from the front or the rear. Intercrucal Intercourse is sometimes called interfemoral sex.

Frottage Tips

Wearing tights or stockings on your legs, a body stocking, soft socks on your feet, soft velvet or silk bras over your breasts and other lingerie and hosiery around your body can make frottage sex more sensitive, stimulating and pleasurable.

Some men love the experience of cuming over clothing like tights, socks and stockings. Many men find feet highly erotic and love to cum over bare feet or feet with soft denier numbered stockings and tights.

Slip a stocking or one leg of a pair of tights over the penis to make frottage sex much softer and stimulating for the man.

Use warmed lubricant to stimulate the exchange of body fluids during sexual intercourse for the man or woman performing frottage.

If a woman uses a vaginal vibrator like the rampant rabbit the male or female partner can lean their sexual organs against her abdomen or just above the clit to enjoy the vibrations inside her vagina whilst enjoying frottage sex.

Advantages of Frottage Sex

Pros of frottage sex have been touched upon above. In addition there are many more advantages of frottage sex such as:
  • Being able to please and pleasure each other at the same time

  • Being able to kiss whilst frotting

  • Can be gentle and doesn't need much athleticism or going into awkward or painful positions. In fact frotting sex can be done in most positions.

  • There is a lower risk of catching a sexually transmitted disease (STD) if there are no cuts or open wounds on the body area being frotted though contact STDs like crabs, herpes and genital warts can be spread by frotting sex.

Disadvantages of Frottage Sex

There are few disadvantages to frottage sex and the cons of frottage sex have been briefly discussed above for the spread of STD's. In addition there is the risk of friction burns and pain because of the rubbing action. This can be reduced from the use of lubricants.

Frottage Information

Other frottage information:

Frotteurism is a medical disorder where a person seeks sexual pleasure, arousal and even orgasm from rubbing him or her self up against another person who has not consented to frottage sex. It may happen on a crowded place like a packed underground train. This is a criminal offence and should be reported to the police not just because it is a crime but so that the perpetrator of frotteurism can receive medical and psychiatric treatment and support.

Frottage sex between consenting adults is a normal sexual activity and is fun to enjoy. Reduce pain and injuries by using lubes.

If you would like to add comments, information, share your experiences of frottage sex on this page then please Contact Me.

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