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Free Condoms

How to get free condoms and where to get your free condom samples online

Free Condoms

Spend over £40 at British Condoms and get £5 off with discount code WELCOME10 or claim 10% off your first order with code 5OFF

There are a variety of ways to get free condoms and this condom article will explore these and discuss why companies and organisations giveaway free condoms.

Free Condom Samples

Companies like Durex, Mates, Femidom, Inspiral and Trojan are happy to provide free condom samples to individuals for a variety of reasons. We will describe each reason in turn. Generally condom companies use free condoms giveaways to promote a new type of condom such as the new Durex play vibrations condom or the Durex performa though the main Durex website usually has free condom samples. We will list the various websites with their links for free condom samples further on in this condom freebies article.

Why Do Companies Giveaway Condoms

Add up how many times a week you make love, then multiply this by 52 weeks. That is a fair amount of love making! Now multiply this figure by several decades - that is a fair amount of condoms! Companies giveaway condoms to entice you to try their products and like them. It is difficult to dislike something you get for free! So after you have tried your free condom samples you then may buy the product, perhaps for life. You are happy because you have found a condom you like and the company are happy because you continue to buy their product. For this reason condom companies will happily work with a university, college or high school to give pupils sex education and provide free condoms. This is an opportunity for them to get the teenagers brand aware as they become sexually active.

This brand awareness continues into adulthood and the condom companies hope that their condoms giveaways will build on this. How many of you reading this article have thought to buy Durex when you meant condoms even if the brand you buy is Mates! We are guilty of this and always call condoms Durex, just like we call cleaning the carpets hoovering rather then vacuuming!

If you registered your personnel details like e-mail or mailing address then the company can send you further free condom samples, especially of new products. Or they can send you details of ways to earn free condoms like taking part in a survey or playing their free games to get you back onto their websites. Some people may view this as a disadvantage of getting free condoms whilst others see this as an advantage and an important learning opportunity to hear about the latest condom products as well as getting more condom samples.

One major advantage of applying for free condom samples is that you and your partner can try a variety of condoms at no cost until you find a brand and type of condom that you both enjoy. Different condoms offer differing degrees of sensitivity or are ribbed or tickle. Free condoms allow you to try out these styles without the expense of boxing a packet of condoms. Men and women who are allergic to latex can try the latex free condoms to find one that does not cause itching, irritation or a rash. Women can even try out flavoured condoms to find the best tasting condom!

These are not free condom scams but rather clever marketing ploys to keep you happy to buy more of their condoms after trialling free samples and giveaways.

Free Condoms Online

There are many opportunities to get free condoms online in the UK and worldwide. Such sites include:

Free Durex Condom Samples

Durex giveaway free condoms at their website of http://www.durex.com - once there click on the products link on the left and then a free sample link will appear. The Durex website will then ask you to confirm your Country so that you can be taken to their microsite for your local area. Please note that the free Durex condom samples may not always be available and are subject to availability. Do also check their news page for any new Durex productions where you can often get free Durex condom samples of these new condoms.

Free Mates Condom Samples

Mates condom samples are sometimes available at their website of http://www.mates.co.uk and there is the opportunity to become a Mates condom tester. Do visit their position of the month link to give you a new position to try out your free condoms!

Free Trojan Condom Samples

American visitors can claim free Trojan condom samples from www.trojancondoms.com and once there look towards the bottom of the screen for the sitemap. Click there and a free sample link will appear. Click on that and fill out the free Trojan condom samples online form with your US address.

If you have a free condom sample that you would like listed on this page them please use the contact us link on the left of this page and tell us about it.

Free Condoms Scams

There are some websites that offer to send you free condoms in exchange for signing up to offers or when you buy products from certain web shops. We think these free condom scams should be avoided because their intent is to make money from your spending. These links take you via an affiliate link where they get paid a percentage of your spend and we have never heard of anyone get free condoms from these websites. Instead use the reputable free condom sites we have listed further above.

Do not let this put you off though. Claiming free condoms samples is a great way to try out various condoms until you find a brand and type you like or does not cause loss of sensation or any allergic rash. So take advantage of these free condom samples, have fun and enjoy safe sex.

If you would like to add comments, information, share your experiences or list your free condoms services for free on this page then please Contact Me.

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