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Aphrodisiac Food

Information about aphrodisiac food with a list of aphrodisiac foods that act as aphrodisiacs and how aphrodisiac foods are thought to work:


Aphrodisiac food are said to act on a person's sex drive to make them feel more fertile and or more in the mood for love making. The taste, smell, look and shape are said to be responsible for their aphrodisiac qualities. As an example asparagus is said to be an aphrodisiac vegetable because the shape looks like a penis. Other aphrodisiac food items are said to increase a person libido by providing a placebo effect on the mind or working on the memory to recall a loving, sensual or sexual activity from the past. For example the Beautiful perfume by Estee Lauder works remarkably well on my husband. It was the first perfume he remembers me wearing during our first sexual experiences. I get highly aroused at the smell of nutmeg probably because my husband uses a special massage oil containing nutmeg.

Some foods do have abilities to improve sexual drive, more from being healthy and good for the body. One could argue that any healthy food could be an aphrodisiac food because it helps to maintain a healthy body which can help keep sex organs and the cardio vascular system healthy and in good order. Though not a pre-requisite for sex it does help a healthy sex drive.

Other aphrodisiac foods may be considered so if they can be used for food sex play and having fun in bed.

This article will further discuss aphrodisiac food, give examples of each aphrodisiac food and explain why they are said to have aphrodisiac qualities.

What Is An Aphrodisiac

An aphrodisiac is a stimulant that is said to create or arouse sexual excitement through psychological stimulation and or physiological factors such as the five senses of hearing, smelling, sight, taste and feel. An aphrodisiac can be a herb, drink, alcohol, food, drug or potion.

The Origin of the Word Aphrodisiac

The origin of the word aphrodisiac comes from the name Aphrodite who was the Greek Goddess of love, sensuality, lust, sexuality and beauty.

The Origins of Aphrodisiac Food

For centuries men and women have tried to cure sexual ailments with a variety of drugs, natural ingredients and food stuff. People would apply various ingredients to their body or eat, smoke or digest various herbs and food in the belief that they would cure impotence, increase fertility or a failing sex drive. Many were used to overcome sexual anxieties and had a placebo effect on the person that if he or she ate a certain aphrodisiac food they would perform well sexually. Potency in men has historically be seen as an important aspect of power. Over the years people have used anything from rhinoceros horn, tiger penis or ginseng root to act as an aphrodisiac.

In recent years aphrodisiacs have been studied and thanks to the advances in science doctors, chemists and scientists have a greater understanding of aphrodisiac food and traditional medicines and how they interact with the body's hormones and have been able to develop drugs to help treat impotency such as Viagra.

List of Foods That Act As An Aphrodisiac

Further below this aphrodisiac food article we will look at each food type that is said to act as an aphrodisiac. These are discussed in more detail. Generally though any food that is said to resemble the appearance of genitalia such as a penis, vagina, buttocks or breasts as said to be an aphrodisiac food. Examples of aphrodisiac foods are peaches, oysters, asparagus and bananas.

Exotic and often expensive foods are thought to be aphrodisiac though this may be due to these being seen as a luxury indulgence and enhancing the mood of the person eating the food. Examples are caviar and champagne. The same can be said for chocolate treats though chocolate does release the chemical endorphins that are natural to the human body and increase libido and are a natural mood enhancer.

Aphrodisiac Foods

The following food items are said to be aphrodisiac foods:


Aniseed has been used as an aphrodisiac food since Roman and Greek times. Sucking on their seeds are said to increase sexual desire though modern users may like to add aniseed to their cooking. The other name for aniseed is anise and it contains same estrogenic compound chemicals as female hormones.


Asparagus are spear shaped vegetables that some think look like a penis and can increase the libido of a woman because of the phallic shape. Asparagus can make the urine smell strong and odd for several hours after ingesting so anyone indulging in golden showers may want to avoid eating them. However asparagus are highly nutritious and should be eaten as part of a healthy diet to increase overall physical well being.


Almonds have historically been seen as a symbol of fertility and the smell induces passion. As a fun tasty treat make marzipan into fruit shapes and add food colouring to make them look the same colour as the fruits. Marzipan smells like almonds.

Arugula Rocket Seeds

For centuries Arugula Rocket Seed has been used as an aphrodisiac food in salads and pasta.


The fruit avocado hang in pairs on the tree and is said to resemble a pair of testes. For this reason the Aztecs call the avocado tree The Ahuacuatl or the Ahuacatl which translates to The Testicle Tree". The avocado has a sensuous texture.


Bananas and the banana flower have a great phallic shape, a wonderful smell and taste. Bananas are rich in Vitamin B and Potassium. Both these nutrients are needed for sex hormone production.


Sweet Basil is thought to have properties that stimulate a personís sex drive and thus boost fertility. It has a strong potent smell that some men find attractive.


The spice Cardamom contains a high amount of cineole which increases blood flow. It is thought to be an aphrodisiac food and some claim it is beneficial in treating impotence.


As well as being phallus shaped carrots are said to be good to stimulate a man because of the beta carotene and vitamins they contain. Ancient Greeks would eat carrots in preparation of an orgy.


Caviar is an expensive sea food and the cost turns people on, as does the smell. Caviar is the eggs from the sturgeon fish.


Champagne is also seen as an aphrodisiac drink because of the cost and it has the added fun of bubbles. The alcoholic content can loosen inhibitions and the danger is that too much champagne can make a person loose too much of their inhibitions.

Chilli Peppers

Chilli peppers contain capsaicin and once eaten they increase the heart rate and circulation and produce a chemical effect in the body similar to sex.


Chocolate is perhaps the most well known and popular aphrodisiac food. It is easy to eat and tastes great! Chocolate does contain the caffeine chemical called theobromine. This neurotransmitter acts on the brain to enhance good moods and pleasure. Chocolate also contains phenyl ethylamine, phenylalanine and serotonin which are also mood enhancers and are found in the human body and released by the brain during moments of high emotion and euphoria. Some lovers like to use chocolate paint to seductively apply on their partnerís body and have fun licking it off! Chocolate is nicknamed the Nourishment of the Gods by the Aztecs whilst the Mayans called it the Food of the Gods.


Coffee is a stimulant and though not strictly an aphrodisiac drink it can perk you up!


The use of the herb coriander as an aphrodisiac has its roots in The Book of Arabian Nights. It tells the story of a childless merchant who had been trying to produce an heir for 40 years and was cured of his infertility by coriander.


Cucumbers have a phallic shape and their smell is thought to increase the blood flow to the vagina and stimulate women.


An opened fig is said to look like the female genitalia and figs are said to be a sexual stimulant.


The after smells on the breath of someone who has eaten garlic might seem a turn off but the natural chemicals in garlic are highly aphrodisiac.


Ginger stimulates the circulatory system and increases arousal.


The ancient Egyptians used honey as a cure for impotence and sterility. The vitamin B in honey is good for testosterone production whilst the boron in honey is good for the production of oestrogen. Centuries later in Medieval times the alcoholic drink Mead was made from honey. Brides and grooms in ancient Persia would drink Mead every day for one month after their marriage to put them in a happy mood after their wedding and to get their marriage off to a good start. This drink was said to sweeten their marriage and saw the origins of the phrase honeymoon from the words honey and month. In ancient India honey would be spread on a penis as a poultice in the belief that it would grow.


Liquorice is from the Glycyrrhiza glabra plant and is a strong natural sugar. Lovers, especially women, who chew on the root are said to experience lust and enhanced love. This is due to the taste and the smell.


The hot properties of mustard are said to stimulate the sexual glands thus increasing sexual desire.


Nutmeg has been used as an aphrodisiac food for centuries and when digested in huge quantities it can lead to hallucinogenic experiences.


The Romans were the first people to eat oysters as an aphrodisiac food. Oysters look like the female sexual organs and add to the myth of aphrodisiac food. Oysters are high in zinc which is needed for the libido. Casanova was said to eat 50 oysters each morning to maintain his stamina!


Papaya is thought to increase the female libido because it has compounds that act as the female hormone oestrogen.

Pine Nuts

Pine nuts are high in the chemical zinc which is needed to maintain potency in men and have been eaten to increase the libido for centuries.


Pineapple is a rich source of Vitamin C and is often used in the homeopathic treatment of impotency.


Though not strictly an aphrodisiac food many lovers like to feed each other raspberries during sex food fun. Some think the raspberry resembles the nipple and are stimulated at seeing each other bite or lick the raspberry or take a nibble or two. Eating together and being fed by the fingers is a highly intimate act and one that many find erotic.

Sesame Seeds

Sesame seeds are thought to promote sexuality.


Strawberries make a great fruit to use during sex food foreplay, especially if dipped in warmed melted chocolate or when using a chocolate fountain. Strawberries are rich in vitamin C. The nickname of strawberries is the Fruits of Venus. Semen will taste like strawberries if eaten several hours before sex.


Truffles are an expensive food and are rare to find which makes them almost mystical and seductive. They have a distinct musty smell which many people find arousing.


Some lovers find the scent of vanilla lustful and this is why it is used in many perfumes and sensual massage oils.


Wine is a relaxing drink and can stimulate the senses when drunk in small quantities though will cause sleepiness and loss of inhibitions when drunk in large amounts.

The Disadvantages of Aphrodisiac Food

There are few disadvantages to eating aphrodisiac food that can be easily bought at the local supermarket. We would actively discourage people to avoid back street aphrodisiacs and those obtained through illegal activities like drug dealers or smugglers. For example turtle eggs are said to be highly aphrodisiac if eaten raw with salt and lime juice and poachers kill turtles to get their eggs whilst they are still in their bodies or will dig up turtle nests to gain access to fresh eggs. We would also discourage the use of illegal drugs like cocaine and amphetamines which some say increase arousal and stimulation but have serious long term health problems. Please do not encourage such activities or drug use and report any such offers or usage to the police.

Exercise as an Aphrodisiac

Aerobic exercise releases natural endorphins and can act as an aphrodisiac. The runners high is an example. Exercise promotes good circulation and general fitness which is good for an active sex life.

Tips When Using Aphrodisiac Food

Cook or prepare food in the nude to excite your lover, though watch out for the hot cooker or sharp knife! Or even cook with nothing on but an apron.

Eat the aphrodisiac food in small quantities to prevent feeling full and bloated which may leave you not feeling in the mood for intercourse.

Use your fingers to feed each other. Having your finger sucked is highly erotic.

Aphrodisiac food is thought to have certain benefits to sexual well being and sexual performance. Some aphrodisiac foods may only work as a placebo effect, but it can be fun cooking for each other using aphrodisiac ingredients or having fun in bed eating together and feeding each other seductively.

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