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Anal Rimming

Discussion of what is anal rimming sex with anal-oral sex rimming techniques, guide to anal rimming positions and the health risks of rimming anilingus with safe sex anal rimming advice:

What Is Rimming

Anal Rimming is the act of anal oral sex contact. Other names for oral rimming include rim job, anal-oral sex or anilingus which is sometimes wrongly spelt analingus. The slang phrase for sexual rimming is tossing the salad. Other slang phrases for rimming are ass rimming, butthole rimming, sexual rimming, gay rimming, lesbian rimming, male rimming, butt munch, butt munching and ass to mouth. Tuchus lingus was coined by the fictional character Carrie in the US series Sex And The City.


To perform anal rimming (anilingus) most people make contact between their mouth and tongue and their partnerís anus, the anal opening or perineum area or to use common words, their ass, ass ring or bum hole. Others will slip their tongue into the anal passage and wiggle it about. Do built up to analingus and massage and caress your partner to relax him or her. Anilingus techniques and rimming anal sex are described further below this article.

Rimming Sex

Some people who perform anal rimming like the taste and smell of the anal area. They may perform rimming sex to please their sexual partner. The anus and the outer area of the anus, the perineum, is highly sensitive and some people like this area to be touched, licked, kissed, tongued or gently sucked. This is because this is an area dense in nerves. Tongues feel moist and warm and having this area rimmed is highly pleasurable for some people, male and female.

Though performed by homosexual and lesbian couples there are many heterosexual couples and sexual partners who perform the anal rimming sex act on each other.

Risks Of Rimming

The anal region will normally carry bacteria from the human body. There are some risks involved with anal rimming. Escherichia coli (E coli) can be transferred by a person who has just rimmed and then may go onto kiss their partner on the mouth and lips or even when giving fellatio (oral sex). In this example the E coli can be transferred down the urethra, where semen and pee come out) and into the urinary tract and could at the least cause a urinary tract infection (UTI). Common signs of a UTI are burning on micturation (peeing), feeling hot and colds, confusion, lethargy and general malaise.

Other health risks of rimming, especially if performed with no protection, are sexually transmitted diseases (STDís) like genital herpes, Gonorrhoea, Human Papillomavirus (HPV), Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and HIV (the virus that causes AIDS). Oral rimming can transmit giardia, amebiasis, shigella, and cryptosporidium.

Anal Oral Sex

Anal rimming is a high risk sexual activity but risks can be reduced by covering the anus with a plastic sheet called a dental dam which is available from chemists. It is possible to buy flavoured dental dams in flavours like cola, strawberry and vanilla for anal-oral sex. A homemade dental dam can be made for anal rimming by cutting the bottom ring off of a condom and then splitting it up the middle so that a plastic sheet is made. An advantage of this method of safe sex rimming is that the rimmer can use flavoured condoms to add some fruit flavour. Another alternative for safe anal rimming is to use a ribbed condom for some extra excitement and sensitivity. Some use latex examination gloves like those used by nurses, dentists and doctors. These can be bought at most supermarkets, by the cleaning or DIY products. Do make sure your partner does not have a latex allergy and try and buy powder free gloves for oral rimming.

Another homemade protection for rimming is non-microwaveable plastic wrap, though this may not offer as much protection as a dental dam.

The person receiving the rimming should give their anus a good wash with warm soap and water before the sex act. This will reduce offensive smells and clingers but not reduce risks from blood if there are anal tears or cuts, haemorrhoids or faecal matter form anilingus. It is normal to have traces of faecal matter in the anal canal and this can be tasted or evident when giving anilingus. Some people will use an enema before sexual activity in an attempt to clear their bowel passage. This should be done several hours before sex to ensure fluids are absorbed by the body and then expelled. Some people find having an enema uncomfortable whilst others find it erotic. Regular use of enemas is not recommended though because it can disrupt the normal pattern of a personís bowel and could lead to bowel muscle wastage.

The recipient of rimming anal sex is at health risks from their partner if he or she has cold sores or open wounds in their mouth.

Anal rimmers may like to use a mouthwash after rimming in an attempt to reduce bacterial contamination and to reduce offensive smelling breath.

The risk of catching Hepatitis from anal rimming can be reduced by having a vaccination for Hep A or Hep B. This may be available at your local sexual health clinic or GP practice.

Rimming Techniques

When using a latex barrier during anal rimming put some lubricant under the dental dam or improvised condom sheet to make the experience more comfortable and pleasurable for both partners.

The person receiving the anal rimming should kneel down into the doggy style position of being on their hands and knees. The rimmer can gain better access to the anal passage by spreading their buttock cheeks apart.

Another anal rimming position, but not for those with sore joints or back problems, is to stand and then bend at the waist to touch their toes or grasp their ankles. The anal rimmer will then go behind and squat or kneel down to give a rim job.

A more comfortable rimming position is to lie on the back with a cushion or sex furniture under the hips for support and to raise the anus for easier access.

Anal rimming can be an enjoyable sexual act between consenting adults and with a little preparation and care can be done safely and comfortably. Some women get introduced to anal rimming when they are having cunnilingus (female oral sex) when an over enthusiastic tongue reaches further down and gently strokes their anus or perineum. Anilingus is an act that you can enjoy and the person does not mind performing then have fun! Anal Rimming is something that you should discuss openly together before performing the rimming anal act so that there are no sudden surprises!

More Sex Terms Explained

A reader of choose a sex toy shares thoughts and experiences about anal rimming. If you can add to the discussion then please Contact Me:


This is difficult for me, but I am turned on by the arse for oral contact (Rimming) only but prefer kissing and sucking to licking. I don't like sex either way?

I thought your information on AnalRimming was helpful, but do you know if by washing first and having a clean arse, this can then be enjoyed safely for mouth contact (as in kissing and sucking rather than the more familiar pictured licking?)

Excuse this term, but does a finger have to be put inside the arse of someone - to make sure there is no shit -(even if they say they have nothing inside their bowel as in no need to use a toilet) that could possibly get into the mouth or am I right in thinking that if a clean arse having just washed exists and the intention is to keep on the outside of the anus and arse by kissing and sucking that area, then because I have kept on the outside, (that is virtually just as enjoyable as any tongue slipping inside,) then this allows mouth contact with a clean arse to be safe - or am I talking rubbish?

I read your points about dental dams and whilst I have never tried these, I feel that if I did, the enjoyment of anal and oral contact would just go away as if I put this on someone's lips whilst verbally kissing? I have received some mixed uncertain reactions to my fancy of Rimming in today's 21st century - but can you also help in advising me of where Rimming stands in today's world about being acceptable as (honestly) more people both online and in person seem to discuss what should happen? - But I don't like "normal sex"?

I could understand this if both sex and sucking cock and swallowing cum was completely safe but it's not so your advice would be very helpful especially if you could advise of others who are also turned on by the arse for oral contact only.

I don't know what else to say except that the image of sexual bums seems to turn enough people on, but any contact is only with their cock and not mouth? Thank you for your time and help. Perhaps your website readers can help answer my questions about anal rimming?

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